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Joel Johnson: Cory Doctorow, you are a consumer, too

It all just kills me. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I am sitting here looking at my computer screen and looking over at your post and just wanting to take it apart line by line but what’s the point? I agree with so much of what we all seem to think about culture, about copyright, and freedoms to tinker. But I don’t want to use shitty computers with shitty operating systems, just like I don’t want to drive cars that come with their own schematics. Instead I want to drive beautifully engineered machines that scream with precision fury. And if they break, I want to take them to a shop and have them fixed. You keep the 3D printer; I’ll take AAA.

CoreFoundation dual-mode code macros

Since I’m doing some work on AquaticPrime using SecIdentityRefs, SecKeyRefs, etc, and since I want it to be compatible with either Garbage Collection or manual memory management, I need to handle CoreFoundation objects properly in both cases. It’s not difficult to do, but it lends itself to some nice syntactic sugar, which I’ve chosen to implement as the following macros. Hopefully these will prove useful to others as well.

A Lovely Tablet Computing Idea

Note that I didn’t say ‘slate computing’ as more and more have done since “the impending Apple Slate”” was mentioned (including Steve Ballmer oh-gosh-why-am-I-not-surprised). It’ll probably happen, similarly to the iPod name, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves in the rush to be the first to embrace the latest buzzword.

iPhone 4.0 hope: background tools via launchd

A lot of people want to run apps in the background on the iPhone, but I believe that Apple has some very legitimate concerns about the feasibility of doing so, at least on the current hardware platforms. However, I believe that there is a perfectly valid way of accommodating most developers’ background-execution needs. This system is called ‘launchd’, and I believe it would provide a very good means of allowing certain tasks to run in the background under the control of various system policies enforced by Apple.

A Blocks Gotcha

So I was just writing some code, and I refactored it a bit by putting a little chunk into a block, then calling that block in multiple places. Here’s the gist of the original declaration:


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