Why vendors are annoyed by the new In-App Purchase rules

I was asked in a comment to another post to explain why my reaction to IAP isn’t just indicative of greed on the part of publishers, who used to get something for nothing, and don’t want to start paying for it now. Since then it’s been suggested that I promote my response to a full post, so I’m now doing that, tweaking it only slightly to better indicate that my points apply equally to any eBook vendor.

Apple States the Obvious and Inevitable

MG Siegler — Apple States the Obvious and Inevitable

If you’re going to consume content on their device, Apple would prefer that you buy that content from them and not from a competitor.

Or if you do buy want to buy it from the competitor, that’s okay, but then there’s a corkage fee. Only you don’t pay the corkage fee, the competitor does. (Well, unless they pass off the extra cost to you.)

Can you read iBooks on the Kindle? What about Sony’s books? Nope.

It’s neither complicated nor evil. It’s business.

Lesson for today

So today we had an interesting issue at Kobo: [[NSThread currentThread] threadDictionary] was returning nil. This is never supposed to happen, as it’s created on demand.

The imminent Mac App Store

Wolf Rentzsch: Mac App Store

My fellow Mac developers are laughing at the Mac App Store guidelines. They’re reporting that apps they’ve been shipping for years — a number of them Apple Design Award-winning — would be rejected from the Mac App Store. These are proven apps, beloved by their users. The current guidelines are clearly out-of-touch.

Oh ... Em ... Gee !

This weekend’s celebrations at iPad Dev Camp took a fantastic turn today, when AQGridView took home the prize for Best Developer Tool. I’d been sitting quietly at the back, hoping that it might merit me enough blue tickets to get a prize later on, and was in absolute shock when they announced my project’s name as the winner of the first award. There was a very surprising amount of applause as I walked up to receive my prize: a 32GB iPad and a VGA adaptor for it.


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